Why TPIS ?


About Us

We are a school community based on our core values of Pride, Unity and Respect, a school that believes passionately about providing a safe, inspiring and enriching environment that enables everyone to flourish. We pride ourselves on placing learning at the heart of all we do and on helping all members of our community embrace learning and make the most of every day. 



TPIS implements the student-centric philosophy, where we believe that students own the school along with the community.


Our students are always exposed to special programs that focus on Innovation, Science, and technology which will produce “FUTURE-PROOF” candidates who are ready for any futuristic challenges.


Our students will always have the opportunity to join our international certifications and global awards training for FREE.


Our students have the privilege to design their education path  to either sit for the SAT exams or IGCSE (O’levels and A-Levels) after grade 7.


Our students pursuing an athletic scholarship have the chance to be trained with qualified trainers to win state and interstate competitions.


Our students will be sponsored to participate in hackathons and educational competitions.


TPIS provides an eco-friendly environment with high-tech facilities combining the best educational practices of British and American systems.