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Templer Park International School (TPIS) to become the most successful and highly respected school with very high standards leading to outstanding students’ achievements and holistic outcomes. We must uphold and continue these as they are the foundations for student success and access to further educational opportunities for students. At the same time, we must prepare our students with the contemporary skills attributes and understanding of concepts that prepare them for their fast-changing globally connected, ambitious and technology rich future to enable them lead the world into an even better future.

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Cambridge IGCSE

For students in international schools around the world, Cambridge IGCSEs have become the Gold Standard for high school qualifications. IGCSEs signal the completion of secondary school education and are designed for students who wish to progress to A-levels before entering university.

After School Programme

Our Preschool, Primary and Secondary offers special designed and curated TPIS “After School Programme”, respectively, in which your children can enhance their learning experiences further and sharpen their skills.

Sports and Activities


Welcome to TPIS

One of the impacts of the things that were focused on in TPIS is the student’s holistic and character building, and therefore different and flexible educational programs and methods, to provide the student with the best amenities.
This is in addition to many different activities and sports that are important to build the student correctly, whether in terms of education, sports and psychology.

TPIS would love to create state, national and international talents through sports, music, activities, competitions. The talents of TPIS would “SHINE” to be the best in the world and treasure to the family, community, nation and become global recognized citizen and leader.

The parents and community also would able to enjoy all activities in TPIS as part community engagement.

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Embedding Outdoor Learning at School

Learning with nature is one of the greatest pedagogical methods

Kebaikan Amalan Membaca

Amalan membaca ialah sikap suka menelaah bahan bacaan dalam aktiviti


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