American International Accreditation Association of Schools and Colleges (AIAASC ) is a distinguished global body for innovative and future-focused high-quality education. 

AIAASC provides excellent American international accreditation that supports student achievement, faculty development, and school improvement.

AIAASC Believe
      1. In serving international schools for the betterment of communities and countries
      2. In providing continuous support for the AIAASC community through quality assurance practices
      3. In promoting strategies and resources for school improvement



AIAASC works in parallel with parents’ goals of achieving the best for their children. Choosing accredited TPIS for your children is a critical decision to ensure that their education and high school degrees are valued  among international educational institutions. Graduating from an accredited TPIS is an important factor in being admitted to colleges and universities.

AIAASC accreditation is not easily granted to schools. AIAASC accreditation process requires TPIS to demonstrate  excellence in systems, practices, policies, and daily operations. TPIS is also required to abide by a set of globally recognized and accepted standards.

Attending an AIAASC accredited TPIS is something to be proud of. One of AIAASC’s benefits is to prepare students for future careers starting from K-12 school education. Through TPIS programs, AIAASC provides students with certified courses that they can use to build their resumes for university application and enrolment in the programs of their choice.



Open Educational Resources (OER) offer AIAASC accredited TPIS a systemic change in teaching and learning through accessible content, and importantly, through teacher-led knowledge sharing processes.

AIAASC accredited TPIS OER Commons is a free teaching and learning network, bringing together over 50,000 educational resources available for our members to use! Resources on the site (AIAA Hub | OER Commons) can be searched and filtered using a rich set of descriptive data, including terms of use.

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