Enrolling as a student at TPIS will be a fun and exciting experience for anyone that decides to join our family. The format of TPIS is something special, and something that has been put together to help the students grow, finding their strengths, and then to push them encouraging them to push through any boundaries or glass ceilings in their journey towards university and beyond.

At TPIS we have DUAL study streams that students can enjoy and appreciate when it comes to education. ONE focusses on ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE and ANOTHER ON PRACTICAL CREATIVITY . Both of them are excellent and are able to help all students at different levels in their studies. Students will still get the same time in practical classes, events, competitions, just the delivery is different.

The three approaches in this DUAL STUDY STREAM that all students and families will be able to enjoy and participate from is:

      • Modern and Traditional Teaching
      • Flex Learning
      • Virtual Learning

Modern and Traditional Teaching


Students will enter TPIS classrooms and be guided and facilitated by experienced teaching staff with modern and traditional approach. Students will be using Cambridge enhanced curriculum (printed, online and workbooks) with added values of American Curriculum, ASI materials which has been set to the NCA CASI standards. Students will have access to work in group and individual projects, as well as access to competitions, events, and any practical extra curricula classes.

At TPIS when it comes to modern and traditional teaching, the students come to school based on the schedule they are given, and participate in a classroom with a teacher facilitate, introversion, moderate learning  through the lesson. The difference here is that the students are coupled with EXAMINATION and PRACTICAL in equal capacity. 

Students will ask the teacher questions, and be given small tasks to complete during the class while completing their questions on the Cambridge online and Edmentum system. Teachers can see the individual student that is having difficulty, and be able to give time to that student, while also challenging other students who find the module interesting.

Flex Learning


Students will study the majority of their subjects online and individually with their teacher. Students will have a lot of teacher time compared to the traditional teaching, and they would only come to the school when they need assistance from a teacher about a difficult topic or participating in a TPIS activity, event, practical class. In the Flex stream, students have freedom to study how they want to study; however, they must complete a set number a class a week, including any group application project the student has decided to join.

Flex learning approach will be able to complete their subjects online, only coming to see a teacher if they have difficulty with a topic they are learning online. Students can move at their own pace, and studying a topic further if they find it interesting. The only requirement is that the student needs to complete a set number of online modules each week. Teachers will be watching their progress through a student management session, and will actively communicate to them through it, to make sure the student stays on track.

If a Flex learning student wants to do their study in the library or in the computer labs in the morning, they have the flexibility to do so. If there are lab requirements for the flex student, they will be able to have access to the lab and science teacher to complete the required lab, or even create a lab for their group project depending on the topic for the term.

Virtual Learning


Virtual learning allows the students to continue to stay connected while their studies through online approach. With the use of Cambridge and Edmentum we are able to provide opportunity for you to learn using virtual labs in sciences, as well as complete projects which will be marked and assessed with your classmates.

TPIS makes sure that virtual learning will not be ignored or left behind in classes, as they need to work together to complete group projects, so while their body may not be at the TPIS campus, their brain will continue to grow with the knowledge that our experienced staff provides.

This DUAL STUDY STREAM approaches with 3 method of teaching and Learning would prepare and nurture students for 21st century education and future global leaders

No matter the stream a student or family chooses, they have the ability to cross over at, as both streams use the same materials. Students will be encouraged, and both streams have high expectations set for them. TPIS staff is dedicated to educating to the best of their ability for the students so that in any stream they choose, they will get the best teaching and educating possible.