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Terms & Conditions:

  1. The mentioned payment is for education/services provided to the mentioned student/customer.
  2. An additional 3% rebate on the Tuition Fees will be given if the Tuition Fee is paid in full before the 1st day of the 1st enrolled Term.
  3. Application, Registration, and International Office fees are non-refundable.
  4. Resources & Annual Fees are to be paid annually before the 1st day of the 1st enrolled Term. Fees are not refundable nor transferable.
  5. Tuition fee is to be paid before the beginning of each term. It is not refundable nor transferable.
  6. The school reserves the right to impose a late payment charge of 5% per annum on all outstanding fees which have not been paid by the 15th day of the commencement of the new school term.
  7. The Security Deposit is payable together with the other fees upon the confirmation of admissions. It is refundable subject to terms and conditions.
  8. Payments are due on the due date; failing so, terms and conditions of enrollment apply.
  9. Any changes or cancellations to the payment plan are subject to the school director’s approval.
  10. The discount(s) (if any) is/are only conditioned on prompt fulfillment of the payment plan; failing so, will result in canceling such discount(s).
  11. No payments are accepted or recognized except by an official original receipt from the school.
  12. Parents should notify of the student’s withdrawal by submitting the withdrawal forms to the school at least one (1) term in advance. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the refundable deposits.
  13. All fees are not inclusive of any transportation, meals, lunch, or snacks; Unless stated (for more details kindly check with your academic counselor).
  14. Payments are to be made by cash/cheque/online transfer payable to:

Account Name : Taleem (M) Sdn Bhd
Account No.: 2-14394-6003957-6
Bank Name: RHB Bank Berhad
Address: Bangunan Kwsp, Lot G-04, Ground Floor, No 5, Jln Raja Laut, 50350 Kuala Lumpur

Kindly send proof of payment to: OR OR by WhatsApp to 01116322247 for verification process.

Grant & Scholarship Programs


1. TPIS offers grants to students according to the following criteria:

  • The students listed as 1 to 5 toppers in the country will be offered a full grant of their tuition fees
  • The students listed as 6 to 10 toppers in the country will be offered a grant equivalent to a 30% discount on their tuition fees
  • Students getting 95% and above in their latest academic year will be offered a grant equivalent to a 20% discount on their next year
  • Students getting 90%—94.99% in their latest academic year will be offered a grant equivalent to a 10% discount on their next year

2. TPIS offers grants to the students’ siblings as follows:

  • 5% discount on the tuition fees for 1st sibling registered
  • 10% discount on the tuition fees starting from the 2nd sibling registered

3. TPIS offers grants to students with proven sports records as follows:

  • 20% for those with Gold Medals
  • 15% for those with Silver Medals
  • 10% for those with Bronze Medals

4. TPIS offers grants of the value of 30% of the tuition fees to the siblings and children of the academic and administrative staff.

5. TPIS offers additional grants to the continuing students equivalent 5% discount on their next year’s tuition fees with a maximum accumulation of 15%

6. TPIS offers the X administrative staff member, who wishes to enroll their siblings with TPIS, grants of the value of a 20% discount on the tuition fees, on condition that his/her services were not terminated with major breach/misconduct.

7. TPIS offers grants equivalent to a 30% on the next year’s tuition fees to students who lose their father because of death during their studies at TPIS. This grant continues until grade 12, and is given according to the following rules:

  • To prove the death of the father by attested death certificate
  • The student is not on a scholarship from any official party
  • The student benefits from this grant in the semester following the submission of the certificate of the death of the father
  • The student does not have other resources which enable him/her to continue their studies.


Rules and Conditions:

The following conditions are considered in offering the grants:

  1. The student should not be warned during the semester he/she gets the grant
  2. The grants are applicable only when the total invoice is paid in full
  3. The grants are in continuing status; with no intercalation or suspension
  4. The grants and discounts do not cover repeated years (if failed)
  5. A student can get two or more grants simultaneously; if he/she is eligible for more than one grant, with a maximum of 50% or the higher grant offered.