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After School Programme

Our Preschool, Primary and Secondary offers special designed and curated TPIS “After School Programme”, respectively, in which your children can enhance their learning experiences further and sharpen their skills.





 Our activities are designed to engage the learners through the after-school programme. The programme includes watching educational videos, nap time, reading sessions, moral lessons, tea time and leisure activities.

Monday – Thursday: 1.30pm – 6.00pm

Friday : 12.30pm – 6.00 pm




The After School Programme offers enhancement activities, including Mandarin classes, nap time, reading programme, moral classes, tea time, and leisure activities.

Monday – Thursday: 3pm – 6.00pm

Friday : 12.30pm – 6.00 pm

Description of Activities


What's Done

Key takeaways from TPIS After School Programme

  • An afterschool program can expose kids to new interests.
  • Kids who struggle with school may feel like they fit in better at an afterschool program.
  • Staff at an afterschool program can give feedback to help kids improve their social skills.

A good afterschool program can turn the aimless hours after school into productive learning time. That’s a big benefit, especially for kids who learn and think differently. Here are six things TPIS high-quality afterschool program can do for the children.

  1. Create a sense of belonging.
  2. Improve social skills.
  3. Provide academic support.
  4. Make learning more fun.
  5. Provide safety and supervision.
  6. Build confidence.