TPIS’s signature LEADER program is aimed to develop literacies, aptitudes and leadership capacities for both Primary and Secondary students. 

The TPIS program emphasizes: 



Interpersonal and

Society Building


Focusing on literacies and competencies, students explore the self, others, and the community in student-centred classes that focus on relevant topics across five main domains: 

Health and Sciences

Society and Culture

Economics and Finance

Arts and Literature

Language and Communication

The LEADER program offers Secondary students many opportunities to gain leadership experience and develop key academic and entrepreneurial aptitudes, while considering ethical dimensions in their work. The program explores issues organized in to the five main strands: 

Social Sciences 

Physical and Life Sciences 

Art and Design 


Business and Entrepreneurship


TPIS feels that an interdisciplinary development program allows young students to reflect on many new ideas and participate in diverse experiences, facilitating growth, self-confidence, literacy and 21st century collaborative skills. Students in the TPIS program gain skills, knowledge and abilities about many important aspects of life and become more curious, aware and communicative about the world around them through guided activities that build strengths of both mind and character.

The LEADER program emphasizes: 





Entrepreneurship; and 

Responsive learning

While students will participate in activities across all these disciplines throughout the program, they are also expected to choose a strand and develop a research project throughout the year. Choosing from a variety of Capstone projects, students may conduct qualitative and quantitative research in the fields of social science, physical science, life science, humanities, or, they may choose to produce reports and portfolios about internship experiences in media, art and design and business. These Capstone projects will be supervised by a faculty member or sponsor from the community. 

Students need opportunities to strengthen self-efficacy, become self-directed, and think creatively, while gaining experience with project-oriented work that prepares them for challenges ahead. The LEADER program empowers, inspires and motivates students to be at the centre of learning.