Templer Park International School students have achieved another milestone by being among the top 10 finalists in the Coolest Projects Malaysia 2023!

What is it about?

Coolest Projects Malaysia is a competition for young people ages 18 and under to create and showcase the great ideas they have created with technology.

Age Groups:

  • Primary School Students: 12 years and under.
  • Secondary School Students: 13 to 18 years



Any project created using Scratch including but not limited to animation, stories, music, and games. This category does not include projects that use Scratch to program hardware elements or electronics.


Robots, machines, and hardware hacks. Any project that uses hardware such as Lego Robotics, Arduino, micro-bit, or Raspberry Pi boards.


Every kind of game is made in any programming language using any technology (except Scratch). You might like to use a text-based programming language such as Python, or a game engine such as Unity, Godot, Unreal Engine or Blender.


Web based applications on any topic you like, from informative pages to interactive applications. Sites can be built using HTML and CSS but might also include a web programming language such as Javascript.

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Meet our Educational Partner

"Technology learning can be fun"

Aimsity which was set up with the aim to be
An IMpactful School In Technology StudY”. They provide educators, who have insufficient resources to teach students about the digital world, with the materials and staff to take the load off their shoulders and to open new business opportunities.

At Aimsity we encourage children to used their creativity, curiosity and thinking skills to create solutions and to solve the problem that lies ahead. Not only that, through tinkering children will learn to be more resilient and focus in the task at hand. When growing up we are used to hearing “No” or “Wrong” which slowly kills our creativity without us knowing it. Here, we provide a platform for your children to feel safe when they make mistakes and to pick themselves up again to face the problem. Hence, we hope to make a change in this world by educating the young and helping these educators to survive.

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