Templer Park International School Business Week: A Hub of Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Templer Park International School recently organized its Business Week from 13th March to 17th March 2021. This event was a great opportunity for students to showcase their creativity and business skills, and an excellent platform for the entire school community to come together for a common cause.

During the Business Week, students from different year groups set up their own stalls, selling an array of items ranging from keychains, handcrafts, artworks, snacks to preloved items. The students displayed their entrepreneurial skills and talent by creating appeal in marketing their products to their fellow students, teachers, and parents.

The event provided the students with an opportunity to showcase their talents and work with different groups of people. It also helped individuals to develop their business acumen and creative skills needed for entrepreneurship. The school administration’s unflinching support, in terms of organising such a promising event, brought a lot of encouragement for students and teachers alike.

Templer Park International School Business Week successfully mobilized the school community in a way that highlighted each individual’s strengths and interests. Every participant emerged from the event with a fantastic learning experience, and many of the students gained newfound perspective about the world of entrepreneurship.

In summary, it was an excellent example of community-driven initiatives that inspire students towards a brighter future.

Prepared by Ms. Amirah

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