Templer Park International School(TPIS) is situated just outside of Kuala Lumpur, surrounded by trees and nature near Rawang and Batu caves. In the midst of greenery, lakes, and wildlife, the school triumphs in the exploration of students in nature with outdoor activities such as swimming classes, field sports, hikings, and many more.

TPIS’s atmospheric location allows students to be perceptive towards the world around them as well as forming awareness and empathy on environmental issues and climate change.

We encourage an inclusive and welcoming environment

In TPIS, we encourage an inclusive and welcoming environment, by actively involving ourselves with the community through fundraising for local charities and participation of students in community service throughout the school year. Our goal is to build the community by empowering our students through the golden rules of TPIS.

Technology in Education

We have an inherent belief that technology plays a huge role in education especially in the classrooms. TPIS helps in  providing students with complete study materials, including tablets and computers, for the benefit of our students in completing their assignments, homework, and classwork with ease.

Through TPIS’ service in education, we are able to enrich students’ lives and learning capabilities further. The school does not only act as a training space in preparing students for future careers, but also assists  in building their emotional understanding of the world in becoming the next generational success.

Prepared by Ms. Alannis

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