Long before the existence of erasers, people used breadcrumbs to erase their mistakes on paper. It is quite unexpected to hear that food is used as an office stationery, rather than an ingredient at the kitchen. Would you imagine if erasers would ever be invented if the whole world hated bread? Where would you get the breadcrumbs to erase your handwriting? In this new era of reducing and recycling in hopes to enhance environmental protection, people are encouraged to use more erasers to reduce paper consumption. We should thank to whomever with the brightest mind started using breadcrumbs as erasers!

Erasers are also known as rubber, or by other names. Back in the day, kids used to call erasers as ‘rubber erasers’. An additional fun info I would like to highlight about this specific stationery is an Arnold Schwarnegger’s movie titled Eraser, whereby he acted as the strongest ‘Eraser’ among men. His character had the ability to erase and destroy evidences and traces of doings. Another movie that utilised the state of erasing or eradicate is a Korean movie titled ‘Eraser in My Mind’, where it tells the story of a patient suffering from Alzheimer slowly depletes in memory and finally forgetting their own identity at the end.

Of course, some hoped that there would be a magical eraser that has the power to erase all of our mistakes and regrets so that life could be clean and perfectly unflawed. A wishful thinking I would say. 

But for as I, Eco Yu, would like to retain on having erasers to clean my mistakes and learn from wrongs turning into rights, with the help of colourful unedible ‘rubber breadcrumbs’.

Prepared by Ms. Eco Yu.

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