Malaysia, a renowned education hub in Southeast Asia, attracts a diverse array of students worldwide with its advanced education system. In a significant development, Templer Park International School (TPIS) has recently collaborated with TalentCorp, a Malaysian agency dedicated to assisting the return of professionals to the country. This partnership seeks to provide crucial support to Malaysian professionals and their families, particularly concerning the education of their children. 

Malaysia’s education system stands out with its robust network of prestigious universities, colleges, and private and international schools, offering a wide range of curriculums. Annually, the country welcomes hundreds of thousands of students from around the globe, reflecting its status as a leading education destination in the region.

TPIS and TalentCorp Partnership:

TPIS, located in Rawang, Selangor, has gained recognition for its commitment to excellence in education. The school offers a diverse and inclusive learning environment, distinguished faculty, and state-of-the-art facilities. Recently named the “Best International School in Malaysia,” TPIS has taken a significant step in supporting returning professionals and their families through its collaboration with TalentCorp.

The Collaboration's Objectives:

The partnership between TPIS and TalentCorp is part of the latter’s Education Facilitation initiative, designed to support the children of returning professionals. Under the Returning Expert Programme (REP), approved applicants can benefit from special packages at TPIS, including the waiver of registration fees and discounts on annual school fees. Networking sessions hosted by TalentCorp aim to familiarize returnees with the school and its offerings.

TPIS's Commitment to Inclusivity:

Through this collaboration, TPIS aims to provide a nurturing and inclusive learning environment for students from diverse cultural backgrounds. The school’s park-based learning concept, emphasizing physical and mental health, aligns with TalentCorp’s goal of offering holistic support to returning professionals and their families.

Incentives for Returning Professionals:

In addition to academic excellence, TPIS extends incentives for new students, including a 40% scholarship on tuition fees Zero application fee (worth RM 1000) + Zero registration fee (worth RM 4000). This underscores TPIS’s dedication to making quality education accessible to a broad range of students.

The partnership between Templer Park International School and TalentCorp serves as a model for collaboration between educational institutions and government agencies. By seamlessly addressing the educational needs of returning professionals’ children, TPIS contributes to the successful reintegration of these professionals into the Malaysian workforce. This collaborative effort highlights the importance of supporting the community and fostering the growth and development of the country.

In conclusion, as Malaysia continues to position itself as a global education hub, partnerships like the one between TPIS and TalentCorp play a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth transition for returning professionals and their families. Through this collaboration, the education system not only supports individuals but also actively contributes to the overall progress and development of the nation.

Prepared by Haniz

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