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Eid Al-Fitr : Malaysian Culture

Eid al-Fitr, also known as “Hari Raya Aidilfitri,” is a significant Islamic celebration in Malaysia. It marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan, during which Muslims fast from dawn until sunset. The festival is a time of joy, forgiveness, and togetherness, and is […]

Embedding Outdoor Learning at School

Learning with nature is one of the greatest pedagogical methods used to connect children with nature and to awaken their sense of responsibility. In Templer Park International School (TPIS) we have this amazing opportunity to learn surrounded by a unique environment. With great weather, breathtaking […]


您知道吗? ~橡皮擦的故事~  æ—©åœ¨æ©¡çš®æ“¦å‡ºçŽ°ä»¥å‰ï¼Œäººä»¬ç”¨çš„是面包屑。不说或许你不知道,原来橡皮擦还未被发明之前,人们是以面包屑擦去铅笔笔迹。试想想如果橡皮擦没有被发明,而你又不爱吃面包,请问哪来的面包屑去擦笔迹呢?最重要的是,在这个注重环保的年代,人们鼓励多使用橡皮擦,以减低纸张的消耗,为环保出一份力。想到这里,还不得不感谢发明橡皮擦的人。 橡皮擦又称为胶擦、擦子胶等名称。在我的年代,小朋友们都称橡皮擦为胶擦居多。在电影中,最强力的橡皮擦是阿诺舒华辛力加。他在1996年电影《Eraser》中,可以擦掉及毁灭所有的证据,而韩国电影《脑海中的橡皮擦》最悲情,因为女主角得了阿兹海默症,像被一块橡皮擦慢慢地擦掉脑海中的记忆,忘了自己是谁。 当然,有人希望出现一种神奇的橡皮擦,能够擦去人生的错误,人生得以干干净净重来一次,多好啊!而我,尤思家所收藏的橡皮擦,其功能当然不擦去错字,而是留住缤纷美好的记忆。   Prepared by Ms. Eco Yu.

The Eraser Story

Long before the existence of erasers, people used breadcrumbs to erase their mistakes on paper. It is quite unexpected to hear that food is used as an office stationery, rather than an ingredient at the kitchen. Would you imagine if erasers would ever be invented […]