Parents-Teacher Association (PTA)


Templer Park International School (TPIS) management believe that involving parents and guardians into the child’s educational journey will have positive outcomes. We would like to announce the establishment of our first Parents-Teachers Association pro-tem committee in September 2022. The purpose of this pro-tem committee is to ensure more involvement of the parents into the school events and campaigns. The PTA committee will work with the school to adopt practices that would improve the child’s life.

PTA comprises of parents representing all parents of Templer Park International School and teachers of TPIS. This platform will provide a venue for the parent’s representatives and the school management to discuss strategies to promote quality education, strive to expand, encourage community involvement, and work for a healthy and safe school environment.

Roles of PTA

  • To represent the views of parents/guardians of the school.
  • To promote a positive view of parents via effective collaboration with the Parents Representatives on the Board of Management.
  • To inform parents of current changes in the school system, if the need arises.
  • To establish a forum through which parents and teachers can exchange information and research in relation to education/welfare of children.
  • To support parents, teachers and students to ensure that all children are treated in accordance with the ethos of the school.
  • To support the teaching staff, and to work with them in delivering the school curriculum.
  • To help raise funds for the school and the Parents Association, in consultation with the Principal and Management.
  • To keep parents informed about activities planned for the school.
  • To influence policy development at school level.


Making every child’s Potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.


  • To bring home and the school in close contact to ensure our children growth.
  • To build relationship for effective guidance “Nurturing Future Leader”
  • Promote the welfare of the children in home and community