On December 30 2022, Bernama Radio invited Templer Park International School’s Member of The Board Governor, Dr. Mohammad Fadi Qaddo to discuss the concept of Future Proof Students. The concept of this school is inspired by the traditional ways of the “Orang Asli”  school blended with modern technology. This school is the largest school park in Malaysia, spreading over 21 acres and the environment is surrounded by a lake and greenery. The school offers the latest technology with the finest curriculum, making it a unique feature in today’s education.

In this interview, they discussed the reopening of this school after two years of  the COVID-19 pandemic. The open day will be launched on January 7, 2023, which is a showroom program held in the school. It starts with registration followed by TPIS staff guiding the parents and the children on a school tour. A talk about Cambridge curriculum and the American curriculum is open for all to join in understanding more about international programmes and syllabus. The open day also features activities prepared for the children and parents, including game coding, mathematics competitions, and VR glasses.


“The school’s philosophy is that students should have direct teaching and finish their work in class, and thus there is no homework sent home.”

For the 2023 target, the school is aiming for 70–100 student entries. The school has set a maximum of 15 students in each class to give the students a chance for direct teaching and to finish their work in class. The school believes in its philosophy that students should not be sent homework during their time at home.

Dr. Fadi stated that most students nowadays prefer studying online if given the choice, which can affect not only their academic performance but also their curriculum and sports skills. Therefore, the school aims to create future proof students who can sustain whatever comes in the future.

The school offers 12 technology pillars that add to the curriculum activities, such as drone piloting, digital drawing/animation, robotics, the internet of things, coding, VR simulation, medical science, machine learning, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cyber security. TPIS is also certified to be a Cambridge examination centre. It is optional for the students to spend an extra year in school to continue at A-level without wasting processing fees and time. Siblings and partner scholarships are also available in TPIS for all for all grade programmes and supported by the investors and partners of TPIS.

The open day also offered the 2 students, 1 fee program, where the fee is valid until the students graduate. Dr. Fadi welcomes all families and students to visit the school, as it is a public, community-based school.

Upon closing the interview, Dr. Fadi mentioned his vision to build TPIS, the school that creates future-proof students who are innovative, blending their lives between modern technology and mother nature. The school’s philosophy of community engagement first and its curriculum with 21st-century technology pillars make it an excellent choice for parents who sought to create a better future for their children.

Prepared by Ms. Nur Aimar

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