Templer Park International School recently held their annual English Language Week from the 8th to the 12th of May. The event was designed to promote the use of English language among students through various activities such as a treasure hunt, tongue twister competition, and a singing and music competition. The English Language Week was an exciting opportunity for the students to learn, have fun, and interact with each other.

One of the main activities during the English Language Week was the treasure hunt. Students were divided into groups and given riddles and clues to help them find the hidden treasure. This activity not only allowed students to practice their listening and comprehension skills but also taught them teamwork and the importance of communication.

Another fun activity during the English Language Week was the tongue twister competition. Students were challenged to see who could say the biggest and most challenging tongue twister. This activity helped improve their pronunciation and speaking skills. It was a fun and exciting way to get students thinking and speaking in English.

The English Language Week also included a singing and music competition. Students had the option to sing their favorite song individually or in groups. This activity allowed students to showcase their talents while also practicing their English language skills. The singing and music competition not only engaged the students but also provided an opportunity for them to express themselves creatively.

English Language Week at Templer Park International School was a huge success all around. It was a fun and engaging way for students to learn and practice their English language skills. The various activities such as the treasure hunt, tongue twister competition and the singing and music competition were great additions to the event. The English Language Week not only promoted the use of English language but also encouraged cultural integration and camaraderie among the students. We look forward to next year’s English Language Week and the exciting activities that it will bring.

Prepared by Ms. Amirah

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