Learning with nature is one of the greatest pedagogical methods used to connect children with nature and to awaken their sense of responsibility. In Templer Park International School (TPIS) we have this amazing opportunity to learn surrounded by a unique environment. With great weather, breathtaking views, and being surrounded by nature and greenery. At the start of the school year all students from the youngest to the oldest grade had a chance to plant a seed of their choice in the school grounds and take care of it throughout the year. 

There has been many researches that proved the efficiency of this outdoor learning which helps developing many skills through visual, auditory and tactile senses. Pedagogy has roots from ancient greece and is called “pedagogas” which means boy-leader, a man who has responsibility for a child’s education and upbringing .The best thing that could be done according to the research is that the pedagogues and educators need to be allowed to collaborate with their colleagues to come up with exciting outdoor education programs and also develop programs of their own. These activities do not actually have to disrupt a child’s schedule since it is part of their education.

Most activities are usually limited to social activities or field trips, but there are actually more outdoor activities in secondary school that could be done after school hours or on weekends that parents should be aware of like fishing which teaches them about being patient. Planting and taking care of plants is a very great way of teaching them responsibility. Outdoor photography which helps finding the beauty in almost everything ,and appreciate even the smallest thing in nature . Camping helps a lot with your own personal growth, strength and responsibility towards nature. Being outdoors connects our relationship with nature and develops respect towards it .

Prepared by Yousra Malih.

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