Studying abroad can be challenging for students, but it can also be rewarding and provide a variety of opportunities for various deeds. My first study experience was in Morocco, Casablanca, my home country . Although studying in our home country may not be enjoyable, we can still learn the fundamentals that will help us in our future education. 


It is a big opportunity given to me that I will forever be grateful and thankful for. I am still new to this country but it is slowly growing in me.

After I stopped my studies at my last Moroccan high school, I went directly to China, Guangzhou, which was my second study experience, and enrolled in a Chinese university for the Chinese language and culture at the age of 16. I was surrounded by people from over a thousand nationalities, coming from every corner of the world . I have learned Chinese culture and language for 3 semesters, or a year and a half, made some amazing acquaintances, and got the chance to participate in a Chinese poem competition that I won alongside other international students and classmates.

I then had to go back to my home country due to COVID. At that time, I joined a first aid course centre in Casablanca at the age of 19 for around 2 months to learn some basics when it comes to emergency assistance. After some time in Morocco, my family decided to visit Malaysia , and we found out that it is actually an enjoyable country. They then sent me to join them in Kuala Lumpur for a visit, and from there I decided to take back my high school studies.

Although it was not in my plan, it was a big opportunity given to me that I will forever be grateful for. I am still new to this country, but it is already growing on me. Hopefully, in the near future, I can enroll in one of the Malaysian international universities to continue my schooling experience here.

Prepared by Yousra Malih – Grade 11

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