In this world, humans are considered to be more unique and luckier than other creatures as they have the ability to invent and make amendments to ease the daily living process. Yet, in this precious life of human beings, the greatest asset one can own is a good health and peace of mind as it, only will allow the humans to explore the privileges they are owning. 


In accordance to that, there are many threats available to the optimum health of humans and in that list, Coronavirus -19 (COVID-19), is the new entry which is affecting the health and mental peace of humans all around the world (Wu, Chen & Chan, 2020). COVID-19 is a new disease to everyone which started to print its mark in December 2019, and has the ability to even take people’s life away, depending on a person’s immunity system. Based on a study conducted by Wu, Chen & Chan in 2020, the mortality rate caused by COVID–19 outbreak in the beginning stage varied from 2% to 5%, which was considered a low to moderate mortality rate. Yet, the noble virus is the centre of attention by following its phase accordingly by introducing its new variant. In other words, the number of death cases increases every time a new variant is found by declaring as ‘new wave of COVID-19’ as the lowered number of cases started to hit the peak again. 



The aftermath of COVID-19 is far more than what we all could imagine -  as it not only effected the health, but it brought a lot of changes to human lifestyle and norms which severely hit the worldwide economics.   


The situation and fears in people for this disease is unimaginable before World Health Organisation (WHO), made announcement regarding the vaccinations which has high possibilities in reducing the seriousness of the illness. Although, people initially hesitated to take the vaccination in to their body as they are afraid of the side effects, in long run, people started accept it and the chaos caused by COVID-19 is under control since most of the vaccinations are being effective (90%) and, helps to reduce the death rate. 


Meanwhile, the noble virus is not activating any fight or flight alarm in people, ever since the vaccinations such as Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Sinovac are serving the purpose they were invented for. Yet, the aftermath of COVID-19 is far more than what we all could imagine, even in the recovery phase, as it not only effected the health, but it brought a lot of changes to human lifestyle and norms which severely hit the worldwide economics.   


As per that, a lot of sectors have become the victims of this outbreak and tourism, sports and trades are the sectors that took the main spot during the pandemic as many of them from this industry had back off due to the new norms that we all ought to practice. Staying home was encouraged to prevent the spreading of this virus and avoiding crowded places is one of the main safety precautions publics have to take. We cannot deny the fact that every sector collapsed due to this pandemic, but, other sectors had the options of running the business in online or ‘work from home’, to stay home and prevent the spreading of the virus, meantime, people whoever chose tourism sector as their occupation left with no choice to ‘work from home’, as tourism requires a group of people to gather and enjoy their self in new place where this concept or idea was fully demolished during the lockdown period. Therefore, so many well-known hotels and travel agency quit this line and shut down their business as they had to run the business with no income. Hence, many people who chose tourism sector, forced to leave the industry and face financial crisis, till to date, until to the extent of lowering the living standards they all had before the massive hit of unexpected COVID-19.

Besides that, shopping malls also became the target of the deadly virus as people were encouraged to perform online shopping which is also known as e-shopping, to prevent from going out. As a consequence, few shop owners could not pay the shop rentals in shopping mall as their sales were not good as it was before the pandemic. The shopping mall that has been located in strategic location or famous spots, requires high rental and people whoever had their shop there with the hope of making a good profit, faced the dilemma of holding to it or letting it go due to the dropped rate in sales. In long run, many well-known brands such as H&M and Starbucks also closed down few of their branches to cut down the expenses.


Continuation in part 2…

Prepared by Mr. Randeep

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