Bureau of Labour Statistics, revealed that in United States almost 81 000, retailers are in the midst of shutting down the shop and clothing and accessories shop were have been affected a lot even after the pandemic that, 18% of retailers have quit by closing down the shop permanently. As a consequence of this, most of the shopping malls are not the same as before, because most of the retail shops has been moved to other places or permanently closed due to the financial crisis. This also results in disappointing the consumers since the experience is not same anymore and the repercussion is very noticeable. Thus, the number of visitors to the mall had lessen by 30%.


On the other hand, bankruptcy or closing down a firm also directly impacting many families, as many people lose their job too, where running the family also became very difficult now. In this sense, people are striving to find a secure job and a job that they like. At the moment, few people are forced to do the job that they managed to find, despite, of their experience and qualifications they do own, just because getting a job is very difficult now as the pandemic left its marks on economics so badly.




The aftermath of COVID-19 is far more than what we all could imagine -  as it not only effected the health, but it brought a lot of changes to human lifestyle and norms which severely hit the worldwide economics.   


Not forgetting about the fresh graduates too, whoever still struggling to get a stable job and income, to succeed in their life. Since, finding an occupation is quite difficult at this moment, it is adding a lot of distress and demotivating the people too, where it leads to poor mental health, while, in certain extent the pandemic has made few individuals to commit suicide as well, due to the overwhelming financial pressure they are facing. Thus, the year 2021, literally see a rise in suicidal cases and it is rooting back to burn outs from financial crisis and occurrences of unexpected events. The number of patients, diagnosed with anxiety or depressive disorder also were quite high this year, where, it is indicating the horrendous impact of the virus.  



On the other side, the educational system also has changed a lot and facing few problems in giving the best solution to ensure the bright future of the students. Although, the schools are conducting the physical classes by taking into consideration of a lot of safety measurements, as students also getting the vaccinations, still parents are holding the fear of getting the disease by sending the kids to school, which, resulting in holding back the students from coming to school. As per that, the number of students whoever attending the physical class also is not giving the satisfaction level to the school management and this is one of the possible threats for their future as well, because missing the lessons can have adverse reactions in long term. Additionally, few students also already facing the hassle of understanding and implying the content they studied for past two years, virtually, which made their understanding process a lot more complicated. The pandemic made an imprint on student’s life as well, as it is giving a lot of challenges to humankind.

In short, the aftershock of COVID-19, is far beyond than health crisis, and it had impact majority of the people and mainly people belong to the low class and middle class by adding piles of troubles, anxiety and stresses to them. Still people are in the recovery phase as the COVID-19 cases are still active and anytime the tables could turn the tables again to other sides only, if we all are not taking this issue seriously. At this moment helping each other as much as we can is what we all can do for a better community and faster recovery. Being kind to another and showing empathy with a lot of awareness in the antidot for this virus and an effective way to kill the virus.

Prepared by Mr. Randeep

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