The admission selection process at Templer Park International School (TPIS) involves many factors beyond educational merit. We look for students who are well-rounded, eager to learn, show exceptional leadership, diverse interests and exhibit strong interpersonal competencies. 

Our community depends on a diverse student body, and thus, we want students who are representative from different cultural backgrounds and experiences.

Admission at TPIS is open throughout the year, although timing of enrolment may depend on schedule demands and the availability of openings of our classrooms. We are excited to welcome every student who wishes to pursue a quality education, and who are looking to challenge themselves in a rigorous learning environment. 

We understand the pressures that students face in the modern world. TPIS aims to facilitate learning by offering diverse learning opportunities, and thus, we look for students who can contribute to the social and intellectual life of our school.

As students prepare to enroll in university, we understand that students differ in aptitudes and goals, and will ultimately accept roles in many different professional fields. 

TPIS looks for students with a passion for learning, enthusiasm for campus life, and a sense of direction, as we aim to facilitate them on their educational journey.

How do I apply as parents?

Step 1

Applications for admission to TPIS can be easily obtained online, through the mail upon request, or, by simply walking in to the office at our Templer Park campus, Rawang

The following documents must accompany the completed admission form:

  • A copy of applicant’s birth certificate / IC / Passport
  • A copy of the most recent School Report Card from the previous school
  • A non-refundable application fee of RM1000 

Step 2

  1. After the application and accompanying documents are received, the school admissions department will review the application and determine if the candidate is suitable. 
  2. A representative from the admissions department will then contact parents to arrange for an Assessment Test and personal interview with the student. The Assessment Test may also be administered online under special circumstances.
  3. If the candidate demonstrates adequate English ability and performs well in the interview, the admissions team will schedule the assessment. 

Step 3

  1. Once the admission team comes to a decision with the assessment result, the parents will be informed. TPIS reserves the right to place a student in the appropriate grade.
  2. An Offer of Admission will be given to the parents explaining the terms and conditions.
  3. If the Offer of Admission is accepted, the parents must then submit the complete documents as per admission checklist and make the required payment on or before the date stated in the Offer of Admission.
  4. Once all payments are made, parents will receive a Welcome Kit from TPIS detailing further steps in the process.
  5. For more information, please email or call our admissions office at +60 36-094 4343

Parent / Guardian Declaration

In making admission application, I/We undertake and agree:

  1. To pay a non-refundable Application Fee with the submission of this Application for Admission Form.
  2. To provide all the documents required together with the completed Application for Admission Form.
  3. That should the student be offered a place at the School, payments are:
    1. a non-refundable Registration Fee.
    2. a refundable deposit equivalent to the amount of the deposit published in the School’s fee structure, as security deposit for observance by the student of the terms and conditions, regulations and policies of the School; upon acceptance of the said offer.
  4. That the deposit is to be maintained throughout the School term and the Parents / Legal Guardians shall pay or top-up such sum as may from time to time be required to maintain the said deposit to be equivalent to the amount of the deposit published in the School’s fee structure according to the student’s grade. The deposit shall not be treated as or utilized towards payment of School term fee or any part thereof.
  5. That the deposit will be refunded, without any interest, within 14 days after the end of the School term, provided that the completed withdrawal form is given to the School on or before the first day of term, that the student is leaving the School at the end of the term. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of the refundable deposit.
  6. To pay the School term fees and other fees, which are invoiced termly, upon the commencement of the School term (there are 2 terms in an academic year). The School reserves the right to impose a late payment charge of 5% per annum on all outstanding fees which have not been paid by the 15th day from the commencement of the School term. The School reserves the right to refuse entry to any student and/or treat this contract as terminated without prior notice to the Parents / Legal Guardians for non-payment of fees.
  7. that I/We consent for the personal data of the student and myself/ourselves, and I have obtained the consent of the other parent (if applicable) for his/her personal data:
    1. To be provided to the School;
    2. For the School to disclose it to other members of the Taleem; and
    3. For the School and other members of the Taleem to collect, record, hold, use and store it as they may require.

for the purpose of processing this application for admission to the School and should the student be offered a place at the School, for the purpose of the student’s education at the School. I/We agree to promptly notify the School in writing should the above consent be withdrawn. The withdrawal of the consent may result in the School ceasing the processing of this application.

  1. That I/We will update the School in writing should there be any changes to the personal data in a timely manner in which event it is deemed that the requisite consent is given in respect of the matters stated in sub-paragraphs 7(a), 7(b) and 7(c).
  2. that should the student be offered a place at the School, he/she participates in all normal educational activities. This includes an undertaking to wear the uniform and support the School in the achievement of its aims and objectives.
  3. That the School reserves the right to discipline, suspend or dismiss any student whose behavior is considered by The Principal to be unacceptable or an embarrassment to the School. When any student is suspended or dismissed, the School shall retain by way of liquidated damages, and the Parents / Legal Guardians shall forfeit all entitlement to any fees paid with respect to the student.
  4. To inform the School of any change of address, contact details or alterations of personal details from the year of entry for the student.
  5. To abide by changes made to the School policies, regulations, fees and schedule by the School at the School’s sole discretion.
  6. That the School reserves the sole discretion to terminate the contract herein with the parent/student at any time if such termination is considered to be in the best interest of the School.
  7. That I/We may request for the student’s records to be disclosed by way of written request and the School will approve any practical and reasonable request (at the School’s discretion).
  8. That the School and other members of the Taleem reserves the full right to use the names, photographs and/or video recordings taken before, during and after the student’s graduation/departure from the School for purpose of advertising and/or publicity without any prior notice to the Parents / Legal Guardians, and the Parents / Legal Guardians shall not be entitled to claim ownership or compensation for the materials or the use of thereof by the School. Parents / Legal Guardians who do not want their child to appear in any or all of these must notify the School in writing.
  9. That the term “Taleem” when used in this document refers to Taleem (M) Sdn Bhd and its subsidiaries and the schools operated and/or managed by any of them and or Taleem (M) Sdn Bhd and the schools operated and/or managed by it (as the case may be).



  1. Any registered student who wishes to withdraw from the School must submit the TPIS Student Withdrawal Form (Withdrawal Form) to the administrative office, and this includes but is not limited to any students who wish to complete their exams early, such as Checkpoint and IGCSE, and leaving the school after that. 
  2. All information required in the Withdrawal Form must be signed and correctly filled up by the parent/guardian of the student. The School may reject an incomplete and/or incorrect Withdrawal Form at any time during the student withdrawal process. 
  3. Students or Parents must submit the Withdrawal Form six (6) months before the withdrawal date (notice period). However, this notice period will be subject to a year-end cut off for the Pre-School, Primary and Secondary EXCEPT for A-Level students. For example, students who submit their withdrawal form in August must serve a notice period up to December (year-end cut off), which is four (4) months only. 
  4. All fees will be charged during the notice period, and the student’s attendance is compulsory. Failing may result in the forfeiture of any and/or all the security deposit, other school deposits, and student payments. If the student’s security deposit, other school deposits, and amounts are insufficient to settle with the fees during the notice period, the School reserves its right to insist on the payment from the parent/guardian for the balance of the fee. 
  5. Upon receiving the Withdrawal Form, the administrative staff will then acknowledge the receipt of the Withdrawal Form by stamping the “received date” on the Withdrawal Form. 
  6. The School will officially reply via email to the email address provided in the Withdrawal Form within seven (7) working days. 
  7. The School shall issue the School leaving certificate within two (2) weeks after the student’s withdrawal date. The School may withhold any and/or all the official credentials of the students, including but not limited to the student’s School leaving certificate, CAIE certificate and transcript if there are any outstanding fees from the student.


  1. All refunds are to be submitted using the respective TPIS Refund Form. 
  2. All fees paid are neither refundable nor transferable, except for the following: 
    1. If the student withdraws from the programme due to valid medical reasons before the commencement of the programme, then all fees paid are refundable EXCEPT the Application and Registration Fees. 
    2. If the student withdraws from the programme for non-medical reasons before the commencement of the programme, then 70% of all fees paid are refundable EXCEPT the Application and Registration Fees. The School will charge an administration fee of RM100 for such refunds. 
    3. For the student on conditional offer who does not fulfill the entry requirement upon receiving their official results, a prorated amount will be refunded on all fees paid EXCEPT the Application and Registration fees, which will remain non-refundable. 
  3. If a student is expelled from the School (i.e. for discipline and/or any misconduct), the School will refund NO fees EXCEPT for the security deposit and other school deposits. 
  4. The School reserves the right to deduct any outstanding fees from the security deposit and other school deposits and refund any balance thereof according to the student. 
  5. All refunds will be made in favor of the sponsor (ie parent/guardian) as stated in the Refund Form.
  6. All claims for refunds are to be made within 12 months from the student’s date to cease to be a student at the School.

Data Protection Act

  1. Templer Park International School is committed to comply with the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 2010.
  2. To ensure that the School can offer an exceptional education to its students, it will, on occasion, share personal data and images and/or videos for the purpose of best practice and business practice.